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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Its been a month since I last do a blog post here. Just a fast update, I finally got a 8-5pm job. So’ I’ve been busy with that plus with bad camera.. I need to buy new one but that need to wait until I have enough fund. Enough about that lets start with the fave! 🙂


My first fave are these brushes. These are just random kabuki brushes that I bought to apply foundation. I dont like to apply makeup with my hands because I dont have bathroom in my room. So I make sure to have 5 of foundation brushes ready for me to use during weekdays. I love this because it make it easier for me to apply my makeup in the morning and give nice finish to apply my foundation.

I bought these over Carousell for rm10 each. You need to buy this in a set of 10 brushes that cost rm55-60. I bought over from an individual and not sellers. Thats why I can buy individual brush. Some links below where you can buy similar brushes.

IMG_9267Next are these eyes brushes. They are from different brands. To go to work I always wear neutral and minimal makeup… p.s: Updated My Go-To Makeup coming up soon

Large blending brush for color all over the eyes and the crease. Flat brush for highlight and small crease brush for outer corner.

IMG_9274Finally I got to try this mascara. I’ve been eyeing this for a while. I bought this travel version Perversion mascara from Urban Decay. I like this mascara because its very black and its really lengthen my lashes. But I have to be careful because it can clump my lashes. So I need to use another mascara to separate my lashes.

IMG_9277 IMG_9278

Still in the eyes makeup, I’ve been using these 2 liners for easy and fast makeup look. The pencil/kajal liner is from Model Co, an Aussie brand. I got it in beauty box and the pen liner is from Essence. A drugstore product with reasonable price and easy to apply. I also bring this to work for touch up.

IMG_9282Onto the foundation, I’ve been loving this foundation. Its lightweight and easy to blend. It doesn’t stay on my skin as long as I want it to be but it looks flawless.


Last beauty products are lipsticks. Its Nude by Gerard Cosmetics and color 565 by NYX. I like to wear this either in their owns or mix them together. Its suitable for everyday and neutral looks.

IMG_9293 IMG_9303 IMG_9305The one and only fashion fave that I have is this bag from H&M. I love how structured and compact it looks. Easy to carry as it has long strap and the color make it fun for everyday outfit of the day.

IMG_9322 IMG_9325 IMG_9327


Thats it all. I hope you enjoy it. Whats your fave for past months. I already have my eyes on few things that I want to buy… 😛


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  1. Lovely list of products there, I’m so into the berry lips at the moment for Autumn/fall.. I need to get my hands on that H&M bag, it’s gorgeous!

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