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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

I’ve decided to make this video to support the message that NikkieTutorials try to spread to haters out there.

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I only started to wear makeup when I was 20. I joined the dance team for my college. So, of course as a performer you need to wear makeup. And thats when I discover the beauty community on youtube. Its rarely small at the time. Elle & Blair, Dulce and Kandee were the earlier people that I watch on youtube.

Until today, I believe I became better in applying my makeup and still improving. I wear makeup for fun and just for my own pleasure. Its fun when you can change your lips color and wear any makeup to change to whomever you which depends on your mood. Like if I feel excited today, I will wear colorful makeup. If I’m feeling fierce and sassy I will wear smokey look.

Unfortunately today, with the beauty become bigger and more influencing, there are also rise in number of haters. Either men or women, some of them do have bad mouth of saying bad things to others. I just dont understand why. Why people have to be so bad-mouthing and do cyber bullying.

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Nikki’s video

Enough said, so here just my take on this video. Hope you enjoy it… 🙂

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