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Assalamualikum and hi everyone,

So today I would like to share my faves songs. Not necessarily my current fave or my all time fave but songs, its just the songs that reminds me of certain event or a certain period of time.

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Happy Eid Fitri Peeps!

Have you realize songs and taste or even scents can trigger your brain to bring out certain memory. Especially for me, when it come to music, a song did brings out a specific memory. I’m kind of person who likes 2-3 songs at a time and can listen to them on repeat at least for a month or two without getting sick of it. My affection always small in number but long in time manner. Once I fall in love, I fall hard… Just saying hehe

Well here are some of the songs that I can think of.

DongBandShinKi also known as TVXQ (God from the East) songs

Screen Shot 1436-10-16 at 01.01.06

Mirotic Full AlbumRising Sun, HugMirotic

This specifically reminds me of my college life between 2007-2011. I started listen to kpop because of my ex-roommate was a big fan of kpop group, DBSK. At the time I was always listen to traditional songs since I’m in university’s dance group. So, listen to these was actually not bad. My fave member from the group is Micky Yoochun (and still is). The group previously consist of 5 members (but currently only Changmin and Uknow left and the other 3 make new group as JYJ).

Pablo Alboran song

Screen Shot 1436-10-16 at 01.01.36

Pablo Alboran Vevo, Solamente Tu, Tanto, Perdoname

If I’m not mistaken I discover him through Spotify by the song Tanto and started to listen to his whole album when I did my study in Australia on 2012. I’ll listen to his songs while walking back and forth from home to school. So, each time I listen to him, its remind me of the good times when I was staying there for over a year. I really wish I can stay longer of migrate if even possible. Maybe one day, Insya Allah.

Mixed songs

By Fynn Jamal – Tahu, Arjuna Beta, Biar, Terbang Tunduk

Wheesung – Night and Day

VIXX – Error

Tori Kelly – Dear No One

Crush (feat. Punch) – Sleepless Night

I listen to these songs during working as temporary teacher in aboriginal school in Perak on 2014. The school located literally an hour by car into the rural area. I particularly love the journey to go and back from the school because we had to go trough few nice scenery before reach the school. It gave such calming and healing feeling.

Korea Trip 

Baek Ji Young – Like being hit by a bullet

Lee Sun Hee – Meet him among them

Screen Shot 1436-10-16 at 01.02.26

These particular songs were discovered during my trip to Korea right after I finished my job as temporary teacher. Whenever we were in stores or in cafes, if there was a song that caught my attention I will use the app Soundhound to check on the songs’ title and downloaded them once I’m home. I will listen to them on repeat when I was on train or bus or walking to somewhere during the trip. Its because, I’m pretty much walk on my own during the trip since my friends were in the middle of the semester. I just met each person for each day somewhere for lunch and some shopping.

Thats it for now. Whats your sentimental songs?

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