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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

New video I uploaded yesterday was about the Lippiestix by Colorpop Review. So, here will be in depth details regarding the video. I will cover on prices, where you can find it (Malaysia) and my thoughts on these products.

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If you didn’t know, which I think you know already that Colorpop Cosmetics are beauty beauty products that mostly cost USD5-8/items. They have lip products, eyeshadows, cheek blush products, highlighters, bronzers and collabs with fellow youtubers or celebrities.

Where to Buy

If you are Malaysian you know that, we don’t have any store that carry these and as far as I know Colorpop doesnt ship worldwide. The only way for you/me to buy them is by using personal buyer service. Either join a spree (which usually the cheaper option but longer time) or readystocks whese these people will buy in advance and sell it for way more expensive price. Linked below are couple personal shoppers that I use myself to buy or order US products.



The Price

Although its only cost usd5-8 in US, it cost us way more expensive than that. Especially because of money exchange. Another reasons are of because service charge and shipping fee. It cost RM25-28 if you join the spree and RM32-46 if you buy the readystock for the lip products. You will get cheaper price by joining the spree (pay first and get the products later) and but the products of your choice but need to wait up to a month for the products to reach you. On the other hand, if you buy the ready stock items it can double up the price but you can get the product 1-2 days and you can only choose from whatever available which not necessarily your no 1 item to buy.

The Review

Overall review I kind like the lippiestix. Its creamy, does not give so drying feeling and give good color pay off. You get pretty much same color as showed in tube if not better. Easy to apply because of slanted shape and travel friendly. The only thing is that its not long lasting on me. I can wear it couple hours before re applying it. And, I definitely need to touch up after meal because its wear off. Nevertheless, I would love to buy more of them in future.

The Swatches

I only buy 3 lippiestix because I want to try it first and decide either I like it or not before buying more. I didnt buy any shadows or powder products because I’m saving up for next MUG new products.

The first color I have is Tootsie. This is nude with grey/taupe undertone. A lil bit different than my typical nude color as usually i will go towards peachy nude like Rimmel Kate line in 03. This is my fave out of the 3 I bought. And I personally love it to wear with this makeup look which will be next beauty blog post/video.


Nest is Lumiere. This is one of the famous color that sold from this lippiestix line. Its lil bit darker and more mauvey compared to Tootsie. Its lil bit darker than I anticipate it to be. Of course I google lots of reviews and swatches online before place the order because if my limited budget. I kind of like the color but I think if I seeing this in person, I don’t think I will pick it up.

Last one is Dahlia. A deep red brown color. As you can see the color is not as deep as I wish it would be. I really want it to be as dard as the color you can see from the stick itself. I just wear it on its own. I know I can wear any dark lip liner to make up for it.IMG_7442

 The swatches side by side.IMG_7401IMG_7382

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    I’d confuse them for felt tips haha!

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