My Story: Ep1 Beginning of the Misery…

Assalamualikum and hi everyone,

Long time no see. I hope everyone doing just fine. Things have not been so nice for me lately. I’ve decided today I want to just write about anything and everything. I want to write a journal-ish type of blogpost where it has story, its continue and what I can look back later on in future. I want to write on everyday basis if possible  and without fancy pictures or ‘good face’ image (thats what I’ve been putting on for the last 2 years). I want to write about good things and bad things. At least thats the state I’m in at the moment I think. I’m in my lowest part of my life now. I hope whoever read this will comment something and find it entertaining in some why or another. I will tag this and put specific title so you can skip it if you want to 🙂

Well, talking about life everyone have their own story and I believe whatever happen its because it was meant to be. So, here is mine. Life is very subjective and unpredictable. You can plan but you never know how it will turns out. I have pretty much decent life growing up. Not the best but luckier than some of the others I guess. But starting on 2013, every possible things that might go wrong did go wrong. When I finish my degree on Jan 2012, I’m not sure either to start working right away of further master study. But the I’ve decided to just go with the flow. I will take on whatever comes first. After 6 months unemployed, I receive an email saying I was accepted to further study in Australia. My original plan was to go to UK with MARA scholarship taking Master in Knowledge Management and Human Resource. Its exactly what I want but what happen was totally different. I went to Australia, on private loan and took Master in Technology and Innovation Management. Can you see already how things started to go wrong? This was the beginning of the misery.

I don’t know what make me thinks that its ok to go with this plan. I know in my heart it doesn’t feels right but everyone keeps pushing me to go with it. At that point, I already accept the offer to study in UK in Oct, but the Aussie offer came tad bit early, which I need to register by July 2012. With a heavy heart I went and stayed. Everything seems fine, went to class, met new friends, went to new places, study, exam. I’m not intelligent student to begin with so I was not expecting to get excellent but its good enough for me to move on the phase. Everything started to really change on July 2013. Im expecting to finish my master by July 2013, not that I know things will get uglier after this point. I got an email saying I took the wrong subjects for my electives. How on earth is that was possible?! I check with my school before enrolled at the beginning of the semester and I already back to Malaysia. I came back after the result was out and everything seems fine. I just need to wait for confirmation email of my graduation 2 weeks later. And that was what they gave me. WTH? I’m so mad with myself, with the school with anything possible of me to get mad of. I thought I’m careful enough making sure everything went well and this happen. At that point, second semester for 2013 already started, my visa expired, my health insurance has few more weeks to go, my house rent already expired and above all I brought back everything already….. 😥

To be continue…

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