Outfit 3; Good Morning Sunshine | Villa Danialla

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Continue on with the outfit from the mini getaway. I wore this to go to breakfast and walk along the beachside. Its quite early in the morning, around 8am but the sun already out brightly lighting the earth… 😛 Its just something casual and layback.

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

We went for a breakfast. Had nasi lemak and some roti canai. Not as good as we expected to be but still ok. I was hoping to eat some cereal but there were none. Mainly Malay dishes. We spent an hour eating and chit chatting. Then its time to spend time at the pool. Cute lil kitty we saw!


Behind us is the entrance where they have all these tall pine trees. As you can see the cars are park just side the road because they don’t really have parking space. The houses are on both left and right side of the road.


From yesterday stairs picture, once you go up the stairs this is what you can see. Its a deep and small infinity pool. The huts are behind me as what you can see from the picture below where my friend was to take my picture. And if you can see the pic below it, my friend was standing at the side of the pool to take the picture of the hut and the coconut trees.

IMG_4729IMG_4728IMG_4718 This is side of the pool. Where my friend was standing to take my picture above.

After we spent some time at the pool, we decided to take a walk along the beach side. Its so wide and there no limit of the sea upon the eyes. I love the sound and the scenery. If only its not too hot hehe This beach is called Pantai Tok Bali.

IMG_6454 Believe me or not, I did bring my Starbuck tumblr. So that I can enjoy my morning coffee by the beach 😛 Not that they have starbuck nearby. Fun fact, we don’t have Starbuck here in Kelantan. This place literally out of no where. No shops or restaurants nearby. You do need to drive out around 4km to get to the nearest shop/restaurant.IMG_6444 IMG_6442



IMG_6455IMG_6466 IMG_6467

What I wear;
Shades & Crop Top from Cotton On
Black Skinny Jeans from H&M
Long Cardigan from eBay
Wedges from Vincci
Random black scarf
Lets be friends 😀
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MyTwitter : sorenISminamija
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    Lovely post xxx

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    Waalaikumsalam, nice post

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