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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Today I decided to make a post for my youtube videos. I will continue the rest of the outfits from the trip tomorrow. This is makeup look inspired by Selena’s from he appearance at METGALA last couple nights. Love her classy looks with the red lips.


Here is Selena’s dress and makeup. Don’t you think she looks gorgeous? But its looks more like hot mexican/spainish chick than reflects the gala’s theme; China: Through The Looking Glass.

Screen Shot 1436-07-18 at 23.49.43 Screen Shot 1436-07-18 at 23.50.34

This just an inspired makeup look and I’m not doing exactly like her. I know I still have lots more to improve myself. And on top of all, I didn’t wear big lashes like her. Thats the biggest different point I think. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy 🙂







IMG_6541 IMG_6539 IMG_6531 IMG_6526 IMG_6525 IMG_6516 IMG_6512 IMG_6507 IMG_6504    IMG_6489

Who’s your fave? I like Gigi and Kendall dress as well.

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  1. behappyxxx says:

    Nice post! Very pretty~

    1. Thanks. Still trying 😅😅

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