My May Wish List

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

We are literally just a month away from Ramdhan for us Muslim. I can’t believe we are almost there and half a year on its way. I already started planning for my Ramadhan + Eid post that I wish to start early. While I’m planning my Ramadhan + Eid’s posts I found myself make a list of what I want for the occasion. So, I make one for this month because why not. These are just few things that I will buy if I have extra extra money to spend hehe



Neverfull MM Monogram

Ive been eyeing this for the longest time I can remember. Its just so classy and simple. I love it.

Screen Shot 1436-07-16 at 17.29.22

Boho Flowy Dress RM 399


Fringe Printed Caftan RM 99


Beauty Products

Too Faced Melted Longwear Lipstick in Melon RM 75

Screen Shot 1436-07-16 at 23.20.52

Make Up Forever HD Foundation Rm 195

Screen Shot 1436-07-16 at 23.21.49

So, thats it. These are some of the items on my to-buy list which not sure when I will have the money to buy. I need to check more on Carousell if there anyone selling for much cheaper price. I know I scored some beauty products from there for insanely cheap price. Lets hope I can make collective Carousell Haul soon. But for this week it will be about my mini girlfriends road trip. Keep you eyes on that.

Whats your wish list for this month?  🙂

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