Girls Trip to Villa Danialla, Tok Bali

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

As promised today will be post regarding my short girls trip to Villa Danialla, Tok Bali, Kota Bharu Kelantan. It was my first time here. We’ve been planning to spend a night here for forever but since everyone is too busy we keep putting it off. We tried to have all the girls (7 of us) but 4 were the most we could do. So here it is. I’ll cover lil bit about the place, my review/opinion and mostly my outfits 😛


We reach there around 4pm on 2nd May 2015. Check in and went to our room. To be honest its not up to my expectation. This place got a lot of hype from the people saying they have beautiful houses with village-ish environment or deco we say. The place quite small actually and the outside looks okay. Unfortunately, the inside was sad story. At least to me. We got upper room in Villa Ombak. You’ll see from the picture (I’ll share tomorrow) the outside looks decent and picturable. It looks pretty in picture in certain spot. We booked a bedroom for 4 people. There was 3 bed (2 singles and 1 queen bed), 1 old wardrobe, a table that have water bottles on it and (hideous) tv furniture. I didn’t snap a picture because its not worth to snap one (I should have snap one and let you made you decide). The bathroom quite big with separate toilet and shower place.

The only one place that I love was near the infinity pool. The stairs to be exact. If you follow my instagram (@coffeecupcloset) you might already seen it. The pool was ok but its too deep for that (small) size. They might want to have vary deep level but 5 – 10m jut lil bit too deep for Malaysians. There were not so many people swim there. The were at below pool for kids. At least the scenery was good for picture 🙂

Overall, I’m not sure if I will ever come back. At least not to stay in the same room. I saw other houses look pretty from the outside but not sure how the interior looks like. They might have better room/house condition compared to what we had. They have few other houses designs where you can book for big family. We book through and got major discount on the room.


So, here was my outfit for travel, car trip. I just wore comfy clothes with simple accessories. Its really hot and humid. The journey took about an hour and half from our house. Its really end of Kota Bharu city and beside the beach. It was near borderline to Terengganu.

Screen Shot 1436-07-17 at 17.19.24









What I wore:

Gerard Cosmetic Lipstick in CherryCordial

CalvinKlein Shade

Thifted Shirt Jeans

H&M Black Skinny Jeans

Vincci Shoes

Hope you enjoy.

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