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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

As you can see another like life related kind of post. I have couple of my friends asking how to learn new language, where to begin and specifically how I started mine. So I decided to make a blog post about it so that I can direct them to this blog post if anyone asking in future. Just a disclaimer that I still learning and a beginner myself. I just share this in case anyone out there interested in picking up new language, its applicable to any language its just happen currently I’m learning Korean. And these are just my opinions and what I did to start learning myself.

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This time I will just share tips on how to start and not necessarily on what books are good or places to study.

So, its all started end of last year around September when I have completely nothing to do. I mean not on everyday basis where I have routine 8-5pm kind of job, I started to watch and re-watch the Korean and Japanese drama (its bad I know :P) in my external. But there are some dramas that I wanted to watch but there is no subtitle. I thought if only I can understand the language I don’t have to look for subtitles. Then I decided to just go ahead and just go for it.

So here the tips or steps I guess;

  1. Study their alphabets. At the beginning I was interested in both Japanese (Hiragana/Katagana) and Korean (Hangul). But after I learn their alphabets I decided to go with Korean first because its easier. Korean alphabet pretty straight forward like English and Malay (my native language) so it did motivate me to keep going. I pretty much just google it then print it out to memorise it.
  2. Find the websites that can help you start learning. I start learning Korean using TalkToMeInKorean (TTMIK) website. I said for the first 5-6 months because the have everything covered for the grammar potion. Another website that I discover is KeyToKorean. They have different approaches on how to study the language where the owner himself is a American who teaching English in Korea, married to Korean and actively learning the language now. He took TOPIK exam and pass with flying colours until level 4 if I’m not mistaken.
  3. Memorize your vocabs at least a word a day. I realise that this was where I kind of went to wrong direction. Its because 1, I did not specifically memorise and jot down words that I trying to memorise and 2; I focus more on grammar. The grammar in Korean is totally different to English/Malay where its really depends on the words you want to use in the sentence that decide how the words will change in order to make a sentence. If I make any sense atm. The KeyToSuccess have good system to help you to memorise vocabs for 1 week up to many weeks with lists of words and quizzes. I’ll linked the list for true beginners below. So even if you study other language just use the same system and change the words into the language you currently studying.
    1. True Beginner Vocab List
  4. Practise your writing and reading. This i do together while memorising my vocabs. Life for example how the KeyToSuccess system works is that they schedule you to memorise 10 words a day and you have breaks for the weekend. And the numbering goes like 1.1 for week 1 day 1,1.2 for week 1 day 2,1.3 for week 1 day 3,1.4 for week 1 day 4 and 1.5 for week 1 day 5. You can choose any 2 days to skip from studying the words. Then week 2 will go like 2.1,2.2,2.3… and the numbers continues. The way I study is that I will read at least 2 times in Hangul the 10 words for 1.1 without looking at the definition. Then I will read again while writing down the word and looking at the definition. Thats it. Then the next day I will repeat the same thing but this time I wrote 20 words for 1.2 and 1.1. Depends on how much time I have I will write the whole words that I’d learnt but if not I will write at least the words that I learn for the week like 5.1-5.5 instead of 1.1-5.5. I hope you get what I mean.
  5. Start on your grammar. Now when you have some vocabs in you that you can start your grammar. It will helps you to understand more where to put which word and how to change them in order to make a sentences. For the Grammar, TTMIK have a complete teaching set. They have 10 Levels with 20-ish lessons for each level and each lesson is short and compact. They have affordable books that you can buy that comes with CD. They have different package and come out with new book or article at least once a month. Links below to start study your grammar with either of the website.
    1. True Beginner for Grammar with KeyToKorean
    2. Level 1 with TTMIK

Most important is don’t forget to set your goal even if its small for each step, so you know you are progressing slowly but surely. I will talk in another post on tips to set a goal. Tips just from immature me who are still learning too.

Thats it guys. So what you studying now? Language? Cooking? Baking? Sewing? Share with me in comment below…

Thanks for stopping by… 🙂

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m a senior in high school but I will be graduating soon and going into university for International Management, and we are required to speak two languages fluently – got that covered with Spanish and English, but I also really want to perfeccionate my French and this is SO helpful! Great post, thank you. ❤


    1. Thats so cool! I wish you best of luck for your final high school and study the languages. People who can speak french is sexy 😛 Just saying hehe

    1. Thanks for the reflagged 😀

  2. prittielife says:

    Hi, thanks for the post. Gives me motivation to go ahead and study French, even though it’s Sunday.
    I use duolingo.com for that – cool website that allows to learn a language for free.

    You said that you find Korean easier to learn because of the alphabet – is it really so? I mean there must be other reasons (like the grammar is easier, etc). In high school I really wanted to learn Japanese and and learned the alphabets pretty quickly. It’s the hieroglyphs that stopped me from learning the language further 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words about our Key To Korean site!~ I’d love to be able to “pass TOPIK Level 4 with flying colors” if I could but I took it last summer and failed~ ㅠㅠ

    By the way, is that what our logo looks like on your Internet browser? Ouch. Are you using IE6 or 7? I haven’t optimized the website for older browsers yet. Let me know if you have any trouble browsing our site!~

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the wrong info. I just read on a whim then I can’t find where did I read it to confirm 😛
      Its ok, I believe you can do it better next time. I thought just to learn Korean for fun but then after I read your story I had set my goal to sit for the exam! Thanks to you.. 🙂

      Yup thats what I see. I use safari ver 7. I think I had no problem browsing your website.
      Please update the lessons in Beginner -> Grammar 🙂

      Thanks for KeyToKorean website. Its help me a lot. Keep the good work. I’m supporting you all the way from Malaysia! 🙂

  4. atkokosplace says:

    I’d love to learn a new language.! Right now I’m taking a sewing course. Good luck with your studies!

    1. Thanks. Im going to start my sewing class too soon 😊😊

      1. atkokosplace says:

        Fantastic! The BEST to you with that venture! 😀

  5. behappyxxx says:

    Thanks for the post! It’s very motivational for lazy people like me, haha.

    1. Glad its helps even for a bit 😆🙈

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