Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup by Dior

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

I just recently bought this foundation from one of the Carousell’s member. She barely use it and decided to let go for half a price. I have few high end foundations that I want to buy and this is one of them. It is Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup by Dior.


What its claimed from the Sephora website

What it is:
A couture-inspired liquid foundation that provides Broad Spectrum SPF 25 sun protection and a flawless, second-skin finish for all-day wear.

What it does:
Dior’s unique understanding of couture brings the idea of customized luxury to the world of foundation with this smart formula that adapts to your unique skin type and adjusts accordingly throughout the day for an ultra-smooth, flawless complexion. Infused with Broad Spectrum SPF 25 and the skin-shaping Skincare Essence, this formula melts weightlessly into the skin while hydrating and mattifying elements keep skin balanced, smooth, and healthy. Skin texture is instantly refined and imperfections concealed.

I did have the before and after picture of applying the makeup on my face but the lighting is horrible. Its looks like there were no different compared to in real life. So I’ve decided not to put in.


To begin with I have acne prone skin with combination type. Sometime it gets more oily and on certain days it gets more dry (weird I know). Additional to that I do have acne scaring and some red spot on my face. So, I do need a good coverage from my foundation.

Color Selection – There are 12 colours selection with different undertone; neutral, yellow and pink. Mine is in 020 Light Beige with neutral undertone. It is the right undertone but to be honest its a bit tad lighter but with full face makeup it looks just fine on my skin.

Coverage – I’ll said its light to medium coverage. You can build up the foundation to get coverage that need and it won’t really feel thick on the skin. It feels very light on the skin like you put nothing on. I’ll say it feel better than Revlon foundation. No stickiness and feel smooth.

Lasting Power – I’m not kind of person who wear makeup one full day. Only couple hours on daily basis and at most will be up to 8 hours. From my experience the foundation did stay on my skin for the whole hours (4-5hours) I’m wearing it.

Scent – It has very nice scent. Like fresh and perfume-ish kind of scent. You can smell it straight from the bottle and once you apply it on the skin the scent kind of disappear.

For me, it does did what its claimed from the website. The part ‘weightlessly into the skin while hydrating and mattifying elements keep skin balanced, smooth, and healthy’.

_MG_5520_MG_5526 _MG_5530 _MG_5538

Have you tried this foundation? What you think? Whats your best high end foundation? I really want to try the Nars Dewy Foundation and the Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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