Simple Spring Makeup Look

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Finally I got around to edit and do a blog post on this look. I love cold weather so thinking about spring, autumn and winter do make me happy. This is the makeup look I will wear if I am walking outside near a lake during spring season (my dreams). Its just an easy and simple one. Hope you enjoy it.

Processed with Moldiv

For this makeup look, although I am using full coverage foundation, I did manage to this it out using the makeup sponge. I love the combination of these 3 products. As you know Malaysia has very hot weather or we call it summer all year around. Thats why I love to use the lock it foundation by Kat VonD and Outlast Stay fabulous foundation by Covergirl. And, to give natural glow to the skin I mix the foundation with BB+ Illumination Facial Creme by Gerard Cosmetics.

For the eyes, I just use light and neutral colour. You can just use anything you have that have similar colour. And lastly for the lips, I have few option. Either to go light nude or light pink. I can’t decide so I mixed both colours.

I use MUA lipstick in colour 14 Bare and urban decay lipstick in colour Obsessed. Both colour are lil bit lighter than my skin but it still works.File 17-04-2015 11 21 53 File 17-04-2015 11 22 51

IMG_4777 IMG_4824 IMG_4832 IMG_4838

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice look and I like your winged eye liner!

    1. Thanks. It’s a real struggle 😛

      1. Don’t I know it! Lol

  2. Beautiful look lady! You look great 🙂

  3. Beauty! Great eyeliner!

    1. Thanks! Thank you for stopping by 😊😊😘

  4. joiworwood says:

    Very, very pretty. Love the lip color especially!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

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