14 Days Favourite Makeup Challenge : Day 14

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

It’s final day of the challenge. Where I can share who I love to watch on YouTube! This will be fun because I have tons of YouTuber that I’m watching. I will split them into 2 categories; 1 My all time fave people (watching their videos for over 3-4 years) and 2 The one I’m just started watching (started last year).


My all time fave YouTubers are;

  1. Allthatglitters and Ellesglittergossip by Elle Fowler  (She’s my girl!)
  2. SarahHawkinson and PossessedbyHorror by Sarah (She’s my girl too!)
  3. Amarixe and AllissonsVlogs by Allison
  4. MakeupbyTiffanyD and TiffanyDTv by Tiffany
  5. NicoleGuerriero by Nicole
  6. LoveMelissaMichelle by Melissa
  7. Amenakin by Amena

For Elle and Sarah I just loveeeee listen to them talking just about anything. Cant never get enough of them. To be honest they are totally different from each other. Complete opposite in terms of fashion style and lifestyle. But still, I love them both! I’m glad that Elle final back to her apartment and start filming again. Go send her some love if you have not already.

Just currently watching them

  1. Tathaylaa by Taylor
  2. Chelsimadonna by Chelsie
  3. Jaclyn Hills by Jaclyn
  4. itsblondie by Casey Holmes
  5. RachhLoves and RachhLovesLives by Rachel
  6. leighannsays by Leighan
  7. llimwalker and llimwalkervlog by Leanne
  8. HelloOctoberxo
  9. Robeson Design and How to Live by Rebecca
  10. JessicaLee by Jess
  11. ForeverYours0727 by Kayleigh Noelle
  12. beeisforbeautiful
  13. Makeupbycheryl by Cheryl
  14. RhaeaEstelle by Rhaea
  15. Lovelaughandmakeup

These some people I start watching recently. There are more channels on my subscriptions (almost 500) but I found I watch these people more constant compare to the other.

Who is you fave you tuber that you think I should watch? Let me know 🙂

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. From your list, I really like Elle, amarixe and Jaclyn Hill.

    1. Can never get enough of them 😆😆

  2. beckinablog says:

    Jaclyn Hill and Allison Anderson are two of my favourites too! You should definitely check out Shannon Harris (shaaanxo) and Karissa Pukas.

    1. I’ve heard bout them! I sure will 😊😆

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