14 Days Favourite Makeup Challenge : Day 11

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Today we will talk about my most fave makeup item out of my fave makeup products. Lipstick. I collect lipstick the most compare to any other beauty products. I literally need to have 5-6 lipsticks in my purse when I am going out. It’s just I can’t not have options for my lips and usually lipstick needs to touch up after eating or lots of talking. So before we take a selfie, we need to apply me some lipstick 😆😆


Since it’s my fave category, I think it’s forgivable to mention 2 of my fave lipstick right. I’m thinking to mention a brand rather than just a lipstick but it might be lil bit too much as I already pick brand for my last fave challenge. So, onto the lipstick, one is for my all time fave and the other one is my latest lipstick obsession.

My all time fave lipstick is Rimmel by Kate in the color 03. It’s nudish peachy color that goes with any eyes makeups look. It’s my go-to lipstick which I wear each time I’m stuck on what to wear for the day. And so far it’s never disappointing. It doesn’t stay that long but it’s definitely moisturise my lips and I love how it’s look on my skin one (yellow olive colour). I’m not sure if we can get this line in Malaysia but I bought mine from Priceline Australia.

Next is my new and current fave lipstick. I finally able to ge my hands on this baby! I’ve been looking out for her since when Jaclyn talk about it in her video. But since Im far away from US I’m waiting for free shipping coupon code in order to buy this because it cost quite a bit for me pay for the shipping. It is 1995 by Jaclyn Hills from Gerard Cosmetics. She said it was a dupe for Kylie Jenner lip color that went vital last couple months. It was said she was wearing Whirl lip liner with Velvet Teddy lipstick by Mac. But unfortunately both are not sold in Malaysia. I’m so happy that finally I can buy 1995! Love the color and the formula. It stays on the lips and not drying at all. And above of all it’s affordable! (with free shipping :P)  

Jaclyn Hills

That’s it peeps. What’s your fave lipstick? Is there anything else I should try? I know I want to try lippie stick by ColorPOp. It’s cheap and reasonable ($5 each!) but I’m not sure how much it cost for the shipping. That’s always the reason why I hesitate to buy them 😭😭

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  1. I love Jaclyn Hill. I watch her youtube vids all the time!

    1. Me too! Love her and her lil doggie 😛

      1. She is so entertaining and hilarious!

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