14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge : Day 9

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone, 

So  on day 9 of this challenge it will be about my fave palette. To be honest I would like to talk about my z palette where I have all my fave eyeshadows but that’s will be cheating because it’s technically not a ready made one. 


Nevertheless I’m still excited to talk about this palette. It’s the original Naked palette by Urban Decay. As we know Urban Decay has a good formula for eyeshadows so this shouldn’t be a surprise why I like any other people love their palettes. 

One of many reasons why I love it because it’s has all my fave Colors for eye makeup, warm tone neutral color and black eyeshadows. My fave 2 colors are ‘sin’ and ‘buck’. Another teason is because the palette is vey thin so it’s easy to travel with. I prefer this cardboard packaging compared to their latest one. On the other hand the shadows did stay on my eyes. 


That’s it. What’s your fave? 😊😊


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