14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge : Day 6 & 7

Assalamualikum and hi everyone,

I’m currently at my aunt’s place and we have very slow and bad internet connection. I’m having problem to upload the past few blog post. So onto todays post, I will continue on the 14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge : Day 6 &7.


So onto todays’ makeup faves, its all about my fave brow product. But to honest with you I am not a brow person. I never did my eyebrow. I believe I has pretty decent eyebrow that I don’t have to touch up for the the day. Its definitely not so neat and pretty but I’m comfortable with what’s its looks like and don’t feel the need to make it up 🙂

So, let get into Day 7 makeup fave; Mascara. I have few faves on mascaras but let’s talk about my current fave. At the moment I am very loving the Benet They’re Real Mascara. I love this mascara because it keep my lashes up for good couple hours. If you know, Asian lashes are short and straight. So most of the time only waterproof mascara can hold our lashes on. But for some reason this mascara did hold up my lashes. I just wear makeup for few hours in a day so it’s good enough for me.

Other than that, the wound really spiky and long so it can really coated my lashes.

As you know, Benefit come up with new mascara and I heart tons of good reviews on it. That’s definitely on my next to buy makeup items.


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  1. This challenge is such a great idea! I love They’re real too cause it gives nice volume and separates lashes amazing!


    1. Yup! Have you tried the new released one by Benefit? 😊😊

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