14 Days of Makeup Favourites Challenge : Day 5

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Onto Day 5 Faves is about my fave blush. As much as I love blush, when I look into my collection I have pretty much the same colour of blush but from different brands. Thats really prove that Im such one colour type of girl 😛


This blush has become my fave from the moment I bought it from Sephora Malaysia (KLCC). I bought it just in a whim when I was about to make payment from my other purchases. It was the Amazonian Clay 12-Hours Blush in Exposed by TARTE. The colour is mauve nude brownish 😛 Oh my explanation was so on point 😛 Thats my fave colour for blush or I will say my fave colour for makeup.

I love this product because its stay on my skin for most of the time when I am wearing it. Compare to others, this blush stay on longest. Plus its very pigmented and just a lil bit does go a long way. I just bought the travel size blush for rm30. I use it almost everyday if not any other day but it still looks like new.

Screen Shot 1436-06-08 at 20.25.26

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    So pretty. I like it. It looks like it give a hint of color. 🙂

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