My TOM FORD Lip Colour Matte picks: Pink Tease, Pussycat, Plum Lush and Flame

These were such a beaut! Definitely in my To-buy Makeup List for 2015.. 🙂

Mami și Zâna


You’d be definitely entitled to ask what in the world took me so long to write this review! But oh well, it is how it is!…

The Tom Ford Holiday 2014 Lip Colour MatteLipsticks were launched mid Autumn this past year and if you ask me, they didn’t caused that much of a commotion in the beauty world… And that is so unfair because the quality of these lipsticks is definitely up to name they wear!

The entire collection is made of 8 gorgeous shades: Pink Tease, Pussycat, Plum Lush, Flame, Ruby Rush, Velvet Cherry, First Time, and Black Dahlia. Six out of the 8 shades are – thank goodness!, permanent and only 2 came as a Limited Edition: First Time and as expected, Black Dhalia.



The formula is creamy, it is so soft and velvety that it feels…

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