Random Vlog #2 Hot Air Balloon Festival

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Salam Jumaah.. Hope everyone doing just fine. So today I have another random vlog for you. I did went to Hot Air Balloon Festival last weekend with my friend. We did reach there around 7am. Thats the time the balloons will go up.


I went on 14th of March 2015. The festival actually started on 12nd-15th of March 2015. We decided to go there as early as possible so we did our pray at Putrajaya Mosque. We reach at the festival area around 7am, when they already started to fill the air in the ballon.

IMG_3495 IMG_3498 IMG_3509 IMG_3510 IMG_3514We hang out there for about an hour and half to see all the balloons went up. At first I thought we were allowed to ride it but actually the citizen can only ride the tied balloon. Other balloons that actually went up to the sky were ride by the professionals. They were from different countries like US, South Korea, Thailand and some other more.

Behind us is the mosque people call as Steel Mosque because of what its looks like from afar. After snaps some pictures we went to walk around to see what they had. This actually my first time attending the festival. I had no idea what to do and what to expect. There were much more here (which I didn’t snap any picture off, silly me). A lot of places to have picnic and lounge around, you can ride bicycles, a lot of places to eat and I think we call it, air balloon theme park where the kids can play around and have fun. Its definitely a good place to spend family time with the kids here.DCIM105GOPROIMG_3530DCIM105GOPROIMG_3517IMG_3518IMG_3520IMG_3523

This was called Icecream ‘Pasu’ (vase)… Because of how they decorate it. Its actually just chocolate powder and oreo biscuit.IMG_3585Since we went there early in the morning, we didn’t have time to have our breakfast before the show. Its around 10.30am we went to get some food near Cyberjaya area. After being few hours under the sun and humid weather of Malaysia, having fresh orange was the best!IMG_3590IMG_3591IMG_3593IMG_3606IMG_3541Thats it for this year festival. Hopefully next year we will go more prepared and with lots more people.

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