14 Days of Makeup Faves Challenge; Day 1

Assalamualaikuma and hi everyone,

I did upload my a vlog on my youtube channel last few days. Since its very random I’ve decided not to do a blog post on it. If you are interested to watch it you can click here; Random Vlog #1

So onto today’s blog, I want to take part in 14 Days of Makeup Tag. I came across the blog post by HannahKimberly22 about her doing the tag aka challenge; Hannah’s Day1 of 14 Days of Makeup. I love makeup and since I don’t really have anything to post about so why not join the fun.


Day 1 Challenge: Favourite Foundation

Can I choose 2? 😛 One from drugstore and one from high end. Its still consider one but from each category.

I don’t have a big collection of makeup but I treasure what I have in hands. I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation because because it did gave a glow to my face whenever I feel I have bad skin kind of day. It even out my skin tone and give me some glow. As you can see from the picture below it has some shine in the foundation. Its not too obvious when its on the skin  but you definitely can tell from your hands (when I apply the foundation with my fingers).

IMG_3705 IMG_3701 IMG_3703I have combination to oily skin type. I love this KatVonD Lock It Tattoo foundation because it stay all day long. When I know I will be out for the whole I will use this foundation. Its survive in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather. I usually combine this foundation with others because its lil bit too pink base compared to my skin colour. I prefer myself as neutral skin base colour but this foundation has really pink undertone. I bought this foundation from private shopper since its not available in Malaysia, its kind of big hustle to change or return so I just keep it and try to work with what I have.IMG_3706

That’s it. Hope you enjoy…

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    Enjoyed! Thank you for posting…Looking forward to the other days challenge!❀

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