Feb 2015 Faves – Beauty, Carousell Apps, TTMIK…

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

So , finally I got to share my current beauty and random faves. Since I have no solid source income yet, I can’t buy anything new to try on. I just literally just shopping my own collection. Going through ‘Spring Cleaning’ mode since I move room. I sell or give away the stuff that I know I won’t use anymore. So, look forward for Room Tour and Makeup Collection video next month. I’m still decorating here and there and need to do few more things before it looks presentable 😛

So, as per title today post will be my February 2015 Faves.


First beauty product I want to talk about is Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation (mine in 58). I bought this foundation from another person on Facebook. She is someone who take orders on US beauty products, like personal seller. I bought other stuff from her but then she ask if Im interested to buy the foundation since Im in similar skin colour with her. She just use couple times and want to sell it to buy another foundation since she doesn’t really like it. She sell half price for almost new products, so I think why not. At first I don’t really like it because it has more pink undertone. But, despite of that, it has long lasting power and matte finish. It stay the whole day on my face through out Malaysian weather which is hot and humid. Not that I was under the sun 24/7 but still I do sweat. Regarding my skin undertone, I consider it as neutral undertone. Not too yellow and not too pink. Next couple time, I give it a try by mixing it with another foundation. I tried with few other foundation but I love most when I mixing it with the L’oreal Light-Infusing Foundation (G4). Its because this foundation have more yellowish tone. Mixing them together give the perfect tone for my skin.

Screen Shot 1436-05-11 at 0.36.30.png

Next is my eyeliner. I’ve been into cat liner since I first ever saw youtube beauty videos like 4 years back. But I can never find my ultimate liner to do my cat/wing liner. Usually I go for pen liner because its easy and fast. But it doesn’t give me the colour intense that I want. So I tried drugstore gel liner. I use the essence brand. I do love it don’t get me wrong but it dried on me too fast. I need to buy new one almost every month. Finally I decided to splurge and I bought the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner again for half price from the Carousell app. I will talk more about it in a secondScreen Shot 1436-05-11 at 0.36.48.png

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in 88 Evanescent. Love the colour. Its just a light brownish nude. Similar to Rimmel Kate in 03 but its more brown undertone. Been wearing that since I got it from the individual seller in Carousell. Talking about Carousell its my new apps where people can buy and sell their stuff either new products or preloved. Now you can have even insta seller selling in there. I bought the lipstick for only rm50 including shipping and it looks totally new. Seems like the previous owner really just use it couple times because even the writing on the lipstick is still there. I bought so many from there that I plan to do a haul.

Next and final random thing I want to talk about is a website called Talk To Me In Korean. Currently I’m on korean drama and k-pop kicks so I decided to learn the language. As much as I can take since I have nothing to do. So I’ve been using this website as a guide. Its provide pdf file, youtube video and mp3 to learn the language for beginner, intermediate and high level student. Of course Im just a beginner but at least I know how to read and write Hangul 😛 Check the website if you interested in learning Korean. If I’m not mistaken they are branching out to few others languages.

Click on link below if you are interested.

Talk To Me In Korean


Don’t forget to watch the video 🙂

Feb 2015 Faves – Beauty, Carousell Apps, TTMIK… | CoffeeCupCloset

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