Cek Mek Molek Street Art

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Hope all of you are doing just fine. Today I want to do a blog post regarding local street arts in my hometown here in Kelantan. I can still remember the first time I saw this type of art when we were on the way back from Kota Bharu. Saw this one graffiti art made by an artist called ‘anokayer’. I share the picture on instagram and tag the artist. We be friend since then. This time, the UITM Machang students did a street art project near Machang town. Well, its not as what I expected but, still, well done kid 🙂

The street art was behind the post office and near KFC. There are no clear sign board directing you to this space so you just need to drive around and look for it. About this street art, from what I can see there is no specific theme other than ‘Malaysia’ I guess. Its because the paint not really related to one another. Its literally lil bit all over the place..
In my opinion, one thing they can improve this place was bring out more 3D effects out of this streets art. For example form the pictures below, there was one particular art that shows like a cage, it would be more fun if a person can be inside the door (cage look alike) or make separate door just to make it looks like the person actually inside the cage. In another way, they need to be more creative on bringing this to 3D version.
IMG_0129IMG_0178IMG_0128IMG_0171IMG_0183 IMG_0127     IMG_0167 IMG_0131 IMG_0134
IMG_0194 IMG_0219 My fave wall from all the paint 🙂 Because I am dancer maybe.IMG_0224 IMG_0245 IMG_0249 IMG_0271 IMG_0284
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  1. Mila says:

    Hi dear,
    Cud u give me the exact location of all the street arts in kb?

    1. Hi thats actually not in KB its in Machang area… Its in Jalan Cek Mek Molek, Machang…

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