Trip to South Korea : Going Home! :(

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Its finally time to go home 😦 So sad that I have to finally fly back home. I want to stay longer or maybe even staying here (Let’s see if I can a find a way hehe If anyone know please inform me how). My flight was at 11.15am. We decided to go lil bit early to settle my luggage issue and had some breakfast. We took a taxi from Inha University to the airport. Its cost around 30000won includes road fee?


I do actually had some problem with my luggage where I did not manage to add on my luggage on time. I did not took any luggage when I bought the tickets but I knew at some point that I may need to add another 20kg for my return ticket (with all the shopping items and souvenirs). Not that I know we can only do web check in 4 hours before the flight. Usually I did a night before but because of my credit card problem I decided to do it in the morning by borrowing my aunt’s card the next morning. But of course I was late couple minutes after 4 hours marks which I just knew about haha. I was totally freaking out about this. Because back in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney 1 kg cost me RM50 or Aud50. I had 20kg luggage multiply it with the amount I rather stay another a week and buy new ticket.

Fortunately once we were at the airport we ask this and the person say we can bought 20kg now for cheaper price. So, I need to pay extra charges at the airport for 48000won for 20kg (check the website for details). Silly me. Thank God I do put aside some money for emergency purposes (like this situation or if I do get sick and need to see a doctor). After checked in we then had some breakfast at Lozaria. I saw a lot Lozaria through out Seoul but never brave enough to try one just on my own. Of course we ate their fish fillet but its fun to finally ate their fast food 😀

Then here me off fly back to Malaysia.

IMG_9612 IMG_9613 IMG_9615 IMG_9616 IMG_9618 IMG_9623 IMG_9629 IMG_9630 IMG_9632 IMG_9633

Home sweet home. Just right on time for the sunset 🙂

The picture above is the map for KoRail (South Korea Subway). Its pretty easy to go anywhere you wish. I did almost everything I wish while in Korea. Except to cycling at one of their lake. But unfortunately, the weather is too cold for cycling alone haha Hope you enjoy and this helpful for maybe any of you who planning to visit South Korea soon 😀

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