Trip to South Korea: Day 5

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Day 5 in Korea, I went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Meeting my friend there who currently study in Korea University. As usual I took early morning train to the city and need to change to Line 3 and get off to Gyeongbokgung Station.


After an hour journey by train I finally here! 😀 There are 3 palaces that you can visit here (just one of it if you wish). We decided to just visit one palace with fee of 4000won and 10000won if you want to visit all the palaces. This place was huge… You can spend all day just by walking around and snap tones of pictures.IMG_8259 IMG_8261 IMG_8265 IMG_8268 IMG_8269 IMG_8275

What I love the most about this place other than it look totally same like the movie was the surrounding view. These pictures does not do it justice. Plus I have the short view lens on my camera so it dos not allow me to snap the view as I wish it to.IMG_8276 IMG_8296 IMG_8306 We then visit their museum which is free entry. Inside the museum they have few different types of museum/exhibition like kids museum and jeans museum.IMG_8313IMG_8318IMG_8320 IMG_8321 IMG_8322 IMG_8323 IMG_8324 IMG_8326 IMG_8327 IMG_8329 IMG_8330 IMG_8334 IMG_8335 IMG_8338 IMG_8355 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8379 IMG_8390 IMG_8395

As you can see from the picture below, the was a row of stones. The stones signifies the level/standard in army for the Korean soldier. The nearer you stand to the palace the higher ranking the person held. Cool huh 🙂IMG_8396Right on time when we were going out, there was Guard Exchange ceremony. It was cool to see the how the culture different between Korean and British 🙂

IMG_8399 IMG_8401 IMG_8402 IMG_8403IMG_8418

After that we went for lunch at Insadong. We ate bimbimbap with seafood doenjang (i think :P) and kimchi pancake. It was delish!

IMG_8425IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422IMG_8424Then we walk around Insadong to see what they have to offer 🙂 We ate this weird shape ice cream. The ice cream was good but the crunchy thing was not so crunchy anyway.

IMG_8433IMG_8426IMG_8428 IMG_8437IMG_8446 IMG_8443 IMG_8442 IMG_8441 IMG_8439 IMG_8438IMG_8447IMG_8448IMG_8450IMG_8465Ate this for dinner! Its called Dan-pyong! 😀

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