Trip to South Korea: Day 3

Assalamualaikum and hi peeps,

So, lets continue on our journey. On day 3, I mainly wanted to go to Seoul Station to get Korean simcard for easy internet access and do some shopping near Myeondong Market. If you come to Korea, you have 2 options for internet usage. Either to rent the wifi router or to get their simcard. Depends on how long you stay in Korea, those two serve better than one over the other. If you are staying more than 7-10 days I’ll suggest you to get the pocket wifi. Because they have unlimited access with affordable price and can conner to multiple devices. As for me, since I’m staying just for a week (and staying at my friend’s house) I go for simcard. Plus for the pocket wifi, you need to pay by card and for the simcard you can pay by cash or card. You can rent/buy the service directly from the airport upon your arrival. I need to go back to Seoul Station (at The Premium Travel Centre) because last time at the airport we had no time and had to rush back home.

It took around an hour from Juan Station to Seoul Station. I went after lunch and Zohor prayer so that I can walk around the city until later the night. You can just download Subway apps for Korean Subway Lines. Its quite easy to understand how to go where from where. Just FYI, the Premium Travel Centre is located at Airport Train Station. Where you have to walk out of the Seoul Station around 10 mins to Seoul Airport Train… It was a connecting building so you not actually walking out from the Seoul Station. Just look for the sign, it was written in Korean and English. And, to actually find the centre, you can just ask at the information desk because its lil bit hard to find because sits on another level without proper sign.

I took Olleh company for the simcard as it was recommended by my friend. She said Olleh had more coverage and faster 3G connection. The are 3 packages you can choose from in order to buy the simcard (credit + 3G). Either 250MG, 500MG or 1G (I can’t remember the credit for each package). I took 1G and paid 40000Won. Its actually lil bit too much. I just use 1/3 from 1G. Mainly because I stayed at my friends which already have wifi and I can mostly get free wifi at and in the subways under OllehWifi. I used my 3G only when I’m looking for places when I’m actually walking and want to upload pictures to my instagram (coffeecup89) on real time basis. You can download these two apps to check balance on your prepaid (EG SimCard) and make call overseas using 3G to actually overseas phone number (OTO GLOBAL). You can only use this OTO GLOBAL apps to make call from Korea and Japan.

For pocket wifi, there are 2 options you can choose between Wifi Korea or Pocket Wifi Korea. From the review, people were more happy with Pocket Wifi Korea but you have to be careful with extra fees for extra usage.

IMG_8053Seoul city view outside of Seoul Station.

Done with that, I took the train Line 4 to Myeondong… Its really easy to know which station to get off using the apps (Subway) and as yo can see they have the station name written in romanisation if you can’t read hangul. After that, you just have to look for the right exit to go to your desired place. For example from Myeondong station, I need to exit through #exit2 to the Myeondong Market. Or click here for official direction.

IMG_8058 IMG_8059IMG_8069Myeondong Market view… You can get almost everything here for varies price ranges depends on your budget. They also have triple storey Forever21 and H&M. And, Don’t forget to go to Art Box Shop. they have all the cute things you can possibly imagine. You probably need to buy anything from the store but trust me, it makes you to buy everything.
IMG_8062 IMG_8063

After spending an hour here, I decided to go to Cheonggyecheon Stream because my friend said its pretty at night with all the lamos. But before that I stop by to buy some korean dessert. Not sure whats its call but its mainly mix of flour with jam inside. Haha I know 😛

Then I took the train Line 4 back to Seoul Station and change to Line 1 to go to City Hall. Official Direction click here. From #exit 4 you have to walk to the right side of City Hall Building (facing the building). Walk straight along the road side for about 10 mins and you’ll find this place. You can actually walk along the stream for 7 km. But, that night it was pack with people so I decided to pass on that and just look from the entrance.

IMG_8071 IMG_8073 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8084 IMG_8086So, thats the end of day 3… I went back straight home from there and enjoy my hot coffee while watching korean drama without subtitles… Haha It was so cold that day, I think its almost negative.

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