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 march faves

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Today I would like to share my beauty faves for the month of March. I did feel time flies so fast. I feel that I just reach here yesterday but its actually already been for 2 months. Crazy!! Lets talk about these beauts today… Most of this month faves are from last month purchases. I am a shopaholic. I admit I have problem with buying stuff. I just can’t help myself to not buy anything more than 2 weeks. I just can’t haha So, last month Priceline had 40% off entire makeup range. I did bought quite a few. My first two faves are foundation; The Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3in1 Foundation (Warm Beige) and Nearly Naked Foundation by Revlon (Medium Beige). I mainly love these foundations because of the flawless finish they give after they et in on my skin. It give an illusion of better skin and did last more than 5 hours. The different between these foundation just the cover girl give more like matte finish compared to revlon foundation. Other than that, I love them both equally.




Next item is a bronzer. I such a junkie towards bronzer. I love to collect bronzer. I feel that I can never had enough. This one from the local brand, Australis. The main reason why I love this bronzer is because of the colour. Its dark neutral brown. Compared to NYX bronzer in deep tan, the Australis one have very neutral colour. Since I have medium skin tone, I need dark bronzer to really make it showed on my skin. And, this definitely do its job well. Its has matte finish but I think it has lil bit sheen in it. The powder is very buttery and easy to blend. Love Love Love 😛




Still under face product category, my next favourite is a primer. I have combination oily skin with large pores around my nose. So, I use primer to make sure the foundation doesn’t wear off and minimise my pores. This Sephora primer make the foundation blend easily onto my skin. It has silicony finish and light feel on the skin. It helps to make my makeup looks better.

IMG_1189Next, let’s move onto the eyes. As you guys know, we Asian people has short and straight lashes. Its rarely when a non waterproof mascara can actually do something to our lashes. But, I found this mascara has, the Too Faced Lash Injection mascara actually held pretty well to darken up and hold the curl of my lashes. But you have to be careful because it can clump on the lashes. I usually use 2 coats to lengthen my lashes and use the physician formula in natural line to separate them and make it looks spidery.



The last 2 makeup items are the Jumbo Wind Up Lips in colour #22 Boudoir Pink by BOE Beauty and the skinny liner by Models Prefer. These two are the local products here in Australia. Love the jumbo lips because its feels so moisturising on my lips and the prefect everyday lips colour. Plus its cost only Aud2 from BigW. Who doesn’t love good bargain? This brand has everything for only Aud2 each. I’ll do blog post review this line soon. I don’t have everything but I have quite a few that enough to review.


And, onto the skinny liner. This I can say is my holly grail product. I love everything about it. I need to by back ups of this before I’m going back home later this July. You can buy this from Priceline here for only Aud9.90. Its the blackest black that I ever use and the extra fine tip make it easier to do cat eye look or straight line. If you are newbie to cat eye look, I suggest to try these. You can easily achieve it within a minute 🙂



Last but not least is these, eye makeup brushes. The blending brush for my upper lid and the blending brush for my lower lashes. The big blending brush make the eye look so well blend together and soft. I usually use the brush to apply the base colour on my crease and whole lid (Creme brûlée by MakeupGeek) and to blend all over for finishing touch. As for the pencil brush, I use to blend the colour for my lower lashes. If you watch Jaclyn Hill’s youtube videos, you will always hear she said about take time to blend out the lower lash line. So I did using this brush and it make the makeup eye look looks even better. Can easily blend and make it look soft and pretty 🙂 the brushes came in a set of 6. I bought off from ebay for only Aud10 including shipping. Super affordable and nice quality. Click here to check out if you are interested to buy.




Okay, so thats it for my faves this months. I have few faves songs to share. Check you the down bar  from my youtube channel to see what songs I’ve been listening the past month. Hope you are having a good weekend. See you soon 🙂

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