Polka Dot + Skull Sweater Outfit

2014-03-31 17.39.00
insta @coffeecup89


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

Last couple weeks I went to Maroubra Beach, Sydney with my roommate just for evening walk. For those who don’t know, I’m Malaysian (Lets visit Malaysia 2014!) who currently pursuing my master in UNSW, Sydney. And, this will be my last semester here. The beach just 10mins bus ride from our house. I brought my DSLR camera so I guess, mini tiny shoot never gonna hurt anyone right. Love love and love the scenery here. So wide and far looking scenery. The water so blue greenish colour with lot of surfer and family playing around. With the sunny and windy weather, it feels so relaxing and nice. I would love to live just by beach side hopefully one day haha… For now the beaches is kind of far with 30-40mins walk. I wannna stay lil bit nearer like 5 mins walk should be nice..


My Outfit:

Skull Sweater:Romwe | Polka Dots Jeans:F21 | Shades:Calvin Klein | Bag:Longchamp Med in Blue | Blue Flat:CottonOnRubi







IMG_0770  IMG_0777


2014-03-31 18.03.17
Taken with iPhone 5 Cam
2014-03-31 18.45.18
Taken with iPhone 5 Cam
2014-03-31 18.51.41
Taken with iPhone 5 Cam
2014-03-31 18.52.58
Taken with iPhone 5 Cam

2014-03-31 18.52.39



Lets be friends 😀
My Insta : coffeecup89
MyTwitter : sorenISminamija
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Have a nice day everyone 😀

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